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Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eyelids. This condition is distinguished by redness, crusting, scaling, and inflammation of the eyelids. It causes burning, itching, foreign body sensation, and eye dryness.


Symptoms of Blepharitis

  • Burning sensation, Itching, scaling of eyelids.
  • Crusty eyelids
  • Photophobia, blurred vision, foreign body sensation
  • Watering of eyes
  • Red eye
  • Loss of eyelashes
  • Recurrent stye


Causes of Itching Eyelids

  • Infection e.g. Bacterial or parasitic infection.
  • Seborrheic tendency of individual (some individuals are prone for dandruff formation over scalp etc).


Types of Blepharitis

  • Staphylococcal Blepharitis
  • Seborrheic Blepharitis
  • Ulcerative Blepharitis
  • Meibomian Blepharitis



Diagnosing Blepharitis Eyelid Dermatitis

Slit lamp examination of the eye lid margin, eyelashes, meibomian gland opening, tear film status, and debris can reveal Blepharitis. In parasitic blepharitis, parasites (Demodex folliculorum, Pthiriasis palpebrum, etc.) can be seen in matted eyelashes. Because of the associated dryness with Blepharitis, tear break up time is on the lower side.


Blepharitis Treatment (Eye Dandruff Treatment)

When it comes to blepharitis treatment, lid hygiene is the most important remedy because it has the potential to prevent the occurrence of blepharitis. While bathing, wash the eyelid margin with hypoallergenic soap/ shampoo (Johnson baby shampoo) to prevent Blepharitis. A dermatologist must treat any dermatological condition. Blepharitis is a chronic condition that requires routine eyelid hygiene.


Another blepharitis treatment option;

warm compresses: It softens and loosens crusty deposits on the eyelid’s rim. It promotes the secretion of oily meibum from the meibomian glands, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the tear film. It is recommended to apply wet warm cloth compresses to each eye for 5 minutes.


Medical line of treatment:

Under the supervision of your eye doctor, includes topical antibiotic and steroid eye drops Lubricant drops provide symptomatic relief and alleviate the sensation of a foreign body. For meibomitis, some azithromycin ointment works well. In severe cases, an oral antibiotic such as doxycycline is beneficial.

Many people wonder how long Blepharitis lasts. Blepharitis is a chronic disease that frequently recurs. It is not contagious, however. As a result, it is critical that blepharitis treatment at home, such as lid scrubs and warm compresses, not be discontinued.

Blepharitis, if not treated, can cause eye surface inflammation, involving the limbus and cornea. If left untreated, this can also result in severe vision loss. As a result, it is critical to receive the best blepharitis treatment available in your area.



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