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Congenital Glaucoma

Congenital Glaucoma

Congenital glaucoma, also known as childhood glaucoma, infantile glaucoma, or pediatric glaucoma, is found in babies and small children ( 3 years of age). It is a rare condition that can result in permanent blindness.

Symptoms of Congenital Glaucoma

Childhood glaucoma symptoms and signs include:

  • Triad
  • Overflow of tears onto the face (Epiphora),
  • Involuntary twitching of the eye (Blepharospasm),
  • Sensitivity towards the light (Photosensitivity)
  • Enlargement of the eyes (Buphthalmos)
  • Hazy cornea
  • Closing of the eyelid
  • Redness of the eye


Causes of Congenital Glaucoma

  • Build-up of aqueous humor inside the eye
  • Genetic reasons
  • Birth defects in ocular angle
  • Underdeveloped cells, tissues


Factors Associated with Congenital Glaucoma

The risk factors, based on what is known, could be

  • Family’s medical history
  • Gender


The Prevention of Congenital Glaucoma

Although congenital glaucoma cannot be completely avoided, complete vision loss can be avoided if detected early. Some of the most effective ways to detect congenital glaucoma early are

  • To have eye checkups often
  • To be aware of your family’s medical history


There are two kinds of glaucoma.

Primary Congenital Glaucoma: This means the condition was not caused by another condition at birth.

Secondary Congenital Glaucoma: This means that the condition was caused by another condition at birth. Tumors, infections, and so on.


Congenital Glaucoma Diagnosis

The doctor will perform a thorough eye exam on the child. The examination would take place in an operating room to make it easier for the doctor to visualize a small eye. The child would be sedated during the procedure.

The doctor will then take the child’s intraocular pressure and carefully examine every part of the child’s eye.

The doctor would only make a diagnosis after considering all of the symptoms and ruling out other ailments that could be causing the child’s problems.


Congenital Glaucoma Treatment

Once diagnosed, doctors almost always choose surgery to treat congenital glaucoma. Because anesthesia is dangerous for infants, doctors prefer to perform congenital glaucoma surgery as soon as the diagnosis is made. If both eyes are found to have congenital glaucoma, doctors prefer to perform surgery on both eyes simultaneously.

If the doctors are unable to perform immediately, they may prescribe oral medications, eye drops, or a combination of both to aid in maintaining and lowering eye pressure.

Microsurgery may be an option at times. To relieve eye pressure, the doctor creates a new channel to allow the fluid to flow more freely. A valve or tube may be implanted to drain the fluid. If other methods fail, laser surgery may be used. Lasers would be used to reduce fluid production.

Although congenital glaucoma is not completely reversible, it can be managed and complete vision loss avoided. You could treat it before it worsens. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms or has been diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, contact us right away to be treated by some of the most capable hands! Make an appointment right now.


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